Anja Fussbach // Bestiarium exhibition

Anja Fussbach’s work will be part of a group exhibition called “Bestiarium.” The exhibition investigates seven distinct positions presenting depictions of animals in contemporary art.

The show is located at Syker Vorwerk – Centre for Contemporary Art and will be open December 9th, 2012 – March 17th, 2013

Opening hours:
Wed 3pm – 7 pm
Sat 2pm – 6 pm
Sun/holidays 11am – 6pm

Syker Vorwerk – Centre for Contemporary Art
Am Amtsmannteich 3, 28857 Syke, Germany

Einladung _Bestiarium
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In an undefined location a young man seems to be praying in front of a wall. Connotations to the wailing wall and orthodox Jewish religious rituals are being invoked. At second glance, the man is not wearing the traditional phylacteries, but a profane bicycle tire is wrapped around his arm.
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Elianna Renner: 20.01.08

Being stuck in a vehicle with a stranger can be uncomfortable – especially when one person is Jewish and the other is Palestinian. Listen closely to how one can avoid the pitfalls of conversation driving down the German Autobahn while the other ponders on the advantages of suicide bombing to sidestep his advancing mid life crisis.
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In an empty space, resembling a doctor’s waiting room, MP3 players and headphones await the visitors. The story unfolds for almost half an hour trying to find an answer to the question whether or not the father of the speaker survived being deported to a concentration camp as a 4 year old.
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At a historical site an almemar is evoked, facing the wall of an empty basement. On the pages of the book photographies of random places underline the narrated incidents from a trip to Granada, which culminate in the story of the Sephardim. Our identities and bodies are shaped by the historical narratives that are intertwined with the present.
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Solomon & Co is taking a closer look at the passing on of memory and biographical knowledge in matrilinear family structures. Through association games surprising similarities of thinking are unravelled between a mother and her daughter.
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Untangling pullovers into a singular woolen thread that spins into a tale which will add up to the distance between the then and now – in 84,4  everyday banalities are blending into the well tucked away realities of the German past.
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