Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.33.53 PMElianna Renner has launched a new web-documentary related to her ongoing project “Tracking the Traffic.” During an eight-month long research trip, Elianna Renner developed the project “Tracking the traffic”, in which she researches the history of Jewish traffickers Zwi Migdal. Between 1860 and 1930, this criminal organization had made it its business to abduct Jewish girls from poorer eastern European communities and force them into prostitution overseas. The locations in which the women were being trafficked included New York, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Saõ Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Shanghai, Johannesburg and Capetown.

As part of her research, Elianna Renner visited these places, conducting interviews with historians, writers, musicians, and film makers, who all had previously researched the topic. Simultaneously, she visited cemeteries and archives, searching for material traces the women’s lives had left behind, in the form of tombstones, songs, theatre pieces, and literature.

The website is the beginning of an interactive platform that will document the progress of Elianna Renner’s project. “Tracking the Traffic” has been funded by the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD).

Interview with Elianna Renner (German) here

Interview with Elianna Renner (English) on WBAI Radio New York here

List of lectures and workshops delivered by Elianna Renner in relation to Tracking the Traffic

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