Anja Fussbach is a postapocalyptic sculptor: from welding steel plates to molding epoxy resin to carving wood – she brutally digs into all the materials she finds on her scavenger hunts to recycling yards, flea markets, yard sales and the forrest at first, but somehow always finishes her objects in a highly skilled and crafty manner. Turning garbage into cute and shiny pop-cultural, yet at times deeply unsettling items, she draws inspiration from Japanese and North-American Trash-Art traditions, low budget horror movies and 1970s Italian arte povera, while paying tribute to the late Mike Kelley, in works like “Giant Pet-Suit”, for example. Her latest work includes surreal, collage style and tattoo-inspired, hand-made embroidery on silk-panels with a rock n’ roll sense of humor.

Since 1992, Anja Fussbach exhibited her work nationwide and internationally, including Gallery CAP Y3 in Kobe, Japan, at Guangxi Art College, China, Gallery ggm1, Gdansk, Poland and countless avant-garde art spaces in Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin.

alienacje — alienations
Angelika Fojtuch and Anja Fussbach
exhibition: 8 October 2010 — 5 November 2010
performance by Angelika Fojtuch and opening: 8 October 2010, Friday, 7.30 p.m.
curator: Iwona Bigos